Monday, 14 September 2009

Professional and Legal English at Anglaw Kft., Budapest's Language School for Lawyers

What Anglaw offers

Anglaw aims to give its delegates the opportunity to:

Practise and develop their professional and legal vocabulary in English;

To increase fluency and confidence in using English in professional and legal contexts;

To enable participants to identify their own language learning needs with a view to continued English language development after the course.

Topics are determined according to the needs of delegates and might include aspects of:

Hungarian, EU and UK legal systems;

Case law;

Company law;

Contract law, particularly in relation to insurance contracts;

Financial Regulation in different jurisdictions.

Anglaw’s approach to teaching and learning

The school focuses on developing and practising reading and speaking skills through cooperative task-based work in pairs or small groups.

Delegates read and discuss legal material in order to exchange information and compare aspects of their own legal systems.

Delegates will also be given opportunities for more individual work, such as preparing and giving a short talk or presenting a summary of a legal case.

Anglaw courses include the following activities

Presentation of specialist vocabulary by lecturer;

Vocabulary building exercises;

Reading and discussion of legal text, including case reports;

Giving short presentations on legal topics;

Written tasks.

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