Saturday, 5 September 2009

Budapest's Language School for Lawyers

I've spent much of the summer feeling that I ought to be paying more attention to the task of setting up Budapest's first language school for lawyers owned and run by native English speakers who are also legally qualified. A few days after August 20th, the national holiday that in the minds of Hungarians spells the end of summer, Budapest is bursting with creative energy. From no activity to overload in a just a few days. For the last week friends and colleagues have been ringing, emailing and sending me messages on Facebook, all offering help, support, ideas and suggestions. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be living and starting a business in such a fantastic place.

This blog will be a mixture of reflections on the joys (or otherwise) of getting the language school off the ground and, as time goes on, tips, ideas, topical items, and so on that might be of help to language teachers and students, particularly those whose work or study includes the law and all things legalistic. Welcome!

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