Friday, 30 October 2009

New Students and Some Useful Resources

Good news for the school. Three enthusiastic lawyers have just signed up for a short programme of learning Legal English. They are interesting and interested, the two qualities above all that make teaching enjoyable. A bonus, for me, is that they are public interest lawyers so my area of speciality is going to be particularly useful. For more about public interest law have a look at the PILI website:

On another note, many thanks to Jeremy Day for posting his tip for making a vocabulary exercise with tables (see ). I needed a quick exercise to assess the vocabulary of my three new clients and, using Jeremy's idea I made up a word matching kit much more quickly than I imagined. It was very successful with the clients and, at least in part, persuaded them sign up.

Looking for a quick source of legal expressions, I came across some free guides at including a glossary of legal terms. Incidentally, another useful resource is

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