Friday, 9 October 2009

The friendly world of legal English

Just a quick note before I go to the airport: I am rapidly discovering that there is a very supportive group of fellow teachers of legal English, many of them in Europe. I've added some of the blog addresses below. In this competetive world it is a pleasure to see how people in this field are not at all jealous of their ideas and materials - I'd mention in particular Jeremy Day at who has just been kind enough to mention this blog in his latest post. When I get back from the UK I shall be following Jeremy's lead and doing a post on available blogs and other useful links that might be of use to other practitioners


  1. Hi Jeremy
    The world of LE does indeed seem very friendly, although there is still some tension at times between different factions. I mean lawyers-who-teach vs EFL-teachers-who-do-LE. My view is that we can all learn a huge amount from "the other side" and can improve by sharing experience, knowledge and tips.
    Jusy to repeat what I said at the end of my own blog posting, the EULETA discussion group is an excellent community with a fantastic range of generous people from all sides of LE. On several occasions I've asked the group for help with unsolveable LE problems and always received absolutely first class advice.
    Jeremy, I wish you good luck with your new school and your new blog.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes, Jeremy. I have some thoughts about the lawyer/non-lawyer teacher question and shall do a piece here when I have got them in to coherent shape. At the very least I think that what counts is the product delivered to the client, not the legal (or other) background of the teacher alone.