Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Law resources online

Quite a few of my students want to learn more about English contract law, so I've been looking for good, free, online resources. Here are two excellent sites:


Law of Contract contains these contract law resources:
Contract Law Introduction - an overview of contract law for beginners
Contract Law Study Notes - comprehensive contract law notes (see menu on right)
Contract Law Cases - over 2,000 important contract law case summaries
Common Contracts - example common contracts and overviews of 'what goes in them'
Contract Law Doctrines - common doctrines you will come across when studying contract law
Contract Law Book Shop - the most popular and useful contract books
Contract Law Legislation - the most recent contract law legislation
Example Contracts - to help you draft your own contracts
Useful sample clauses including various
boilerplate clauses


This site has audio lectures and accompanying notes, cases, definitions, and more.

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